Who said elevator music was boring?

Try Upbeat and liven up an otherwise boring place.
Create an unexpected experience your guests will surely share.

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What can Upbeat do?


We utilize small and nimble hardware and clever software to connect with your elevator speakers. Once connected, Upbeat can trigger a host of configurable effects based on number of participants or other events.

Entrance Effects
In Motion Music
Voice Overs
Easter Eggs
Exit Effects
Turn on the sound!

Why get Upbeat in your venue?


Since this is an unique and unexpected experience for your guests, they’ll be sure to share this on social media.


Upbeat is sure to leave a smile on your guests faces after they leave your elevator!

Easy install

Simply place our device on top of your lift, attach the cam and some cables and you’re up and running.


We also give you the ability to customize the music / audio by access to an online portal.

What is the process like?


1. Creative brief

First step is to get on a call with us and we can brainstorm on the creative content best suited for your venue. Will it be voice or music? We can also discuss the best use of sensors

2. We ship the kits to you

After we finalize the hardware and software we ship the kits to you.

3. Install Upbeat in your elevator

Once everything arrives, your engineer can then install the devices in your elevators. This will require placing a small cam on your ceiling, and attaching the device to power, speakers and internet (LAN or Wifi)

4. Connect remotely and calibrate

After the kit is installed, we connect remotely to the device and perform the final calibration of the system.

5. Ready to party!

Once the calibration is completed, the device is working and content is playing according to the sensor input. Now watch the feedback come in from your guests!


Buzz around Upbeat

“The most raved about amenity of the QT Sydney is the elevator.”
Five Star Alliance on QT Sydney
“A clever, quirky introduction to a hip and innovative hotel.”
Luxury Bible on QT Sydney
“The best elevator ride to reception… our favourite part of the hotel would certainly be the elevators.”
Hotel Chatter on QT Sydney

Ready to create a unique experience in your building?

Are you interested in implementing Upbeat in your hotel, house, condo or other building? Or are you interested in partnering up? We love to hear from you – please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you asap!